Welcome To Emrullah Rostfrei


EMRULLAH ROSTFREI, founded in 1980 in Suleymaniye, one of the commercial centers of Istanbul, is proud to continue the production of stainless steel kitchenware for more than 40 years. EMRULLAH ROSTFREI, which has adopted the principle of providing quality to its customers at an affordable price, aims to keep the customer satisfaction at the top. In this direction, it can import the raw material used by itself and minimize the costs and meet the high quality products with reasonable prices. EMRULLAH ROSTFREI, which performs its production in its factory in Istanbul Güngören Industrial Neighborhood, presents the best product to your appreciation as a result of meticulous work with its experienced team using first class raw materials. Its products are found in many countries including Azerbaijan, Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, TRNC, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Senegal ..